Capital Air Ambulance leads the way in professional development with unique simulator

Global aero-medical specialists Capital Air Ambulance have designed and built a unique air ambulance simulator to enable flight medics to train in a realistic setting.

Using the entire fuselage of a King Air aircraft, one of the aircraft types that forms the backbone of the Capital Air Ambulance fleet, CAA engineers spent several months kitting it out with not only the same standard of medical equipment as every aircraft in the fleet, but installing screens to recreate the working environment of being in the air.

The flying doctors and nurses of the Capital Air Ambulance fleet now undertake their quarterly training days in a realistic setting which allows for emergency drills as well as training in aviation medicine.

Flight doctor for Capital Air Ambulance Dr Liam Scott, said: “Simulation has been an integral part of flight training for decades, and its role in medical education has expanded rapidly in the last ten years. We are very fortunate at Capital to have an on-site simulator that allows us to practise both medical and aviation emergencies in a high-fidelity environment, with real-time monitoring and feedback. This must be one of only simulators of its kind in the UK, if not Europe. It is a fantastic asset to for medical flight crews! Capital are leading the way with their commitment to training and professional development of their medical teams.”

Medical Director for Capital Air Ambulance, Simon Forrington, added: “This has been a significant investment for us, both financially and in terms of time, but the benefits are huge as they enable us to simulate aircraft emergencies, a variety of scenarios in terms of patient care and other challenging situations.

“At present we are using it to train Capital Air Ambulance staff and transport teams who use us as a platform, including teams from the NHS but, in the future, there are plans to extend the training offer to medical teams working for other medical transport specialists too.”